Elwood Elementary

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 22A Farm Road, Deer Lake, NL, A8A-1J3
Phone: (709) 635-2337      Fax: (709) 635-2995


Elwood Eagles “R” Respectable, Responsible and Ready

October 25th, 2013


     Please note that our first Kinderstart meeting for 2013-14 parents and guardians will be held at Elwood Elementary School GYMNASIUM.  It will be held THIS Tuesday, October 29.  The meeting will start at 6:30 pm.  We strongly encourage all parents and guardians to attend this meeting, as program materials and schedules will be given out at this time.




-Please write your child’s FIRST and LAST names on each day of their lunch orders.

-Please write their CLASS number.

-Please cut orders apart.

-Please total EACH day’s lunch orders.

-POPCORN: If you are going to send popcorn to school as a lunch item, PLEASE send it already popped!  Students use the microwaves but there are sometimes problems with overheating, burning of the popcorn, burning of fingers, and such.  Please do not send unpopped popcorn!



 Any student in grades 3-5 interested in small group guitar lessons, please
contact Mrs. Raymond at school.   

Cost is $15.00 per lesson, and students must have his/her own guitar.  Sessions will occur on Monday evenings, from 6-7 pm at school.   

These sessions will start after the Thanksgiving break.

Grade 4 Nature Walk

     Just a reminder that our Grade 4 students and teachers are planning to participate in a Ducks Unlimited-sponsored marsh and nature walk THIS Tuesday, October 29.  PLEASE make sure your son or daughter is dressed appropriately for this session. They will leave the school at 9:30 am.  Please sign and return permission slips a.s.a.p.

http://www.clipartoday.com/_thumbs/011/household/cloths_clothing/hat/hat131_003823_tns.pngOutside Clothing

PLEASE have children dress appropriately for outdoor play.  Barring pouring rain, we plan to have our children outside and active for as many days as possible this year and they need to be warm and comfortable.  Too many children still come without hats, mitts and sometimes even jackets.

We ALL need to work together to keep our students healthy!!


A big thank you goes out to Donna Giles and other organizers of the recent Walk for Autism held at Elwood Elementary last Sunday.  We saw the largest turnout of family and friends in 5 years!  Over 130 participants took to the streets for the walk, led by both RCMP and Deer Lake Fire Department escorts.  It was a great event!



There are things available to families who have children with Autism, not available to others.  Parents can get in contact with the Autism Society (Western Division) at 637-7450 OR you can contact Donna at 635-7087.

- Birthday Invitations –

     Please remember that Access to Information policy prohibits all schools from sharing class lists with parents for any purpose such as valentines and birthday invitations.  Please do not send personalized birthday invitations to school as this sometimes causes upset amongst young children when only some students are chosen for party invitations. Thank you, in advance, for your understanding.



Halloween will be celebrated on Thursday, October 31st at Elwood Elementary.  Students will have 1-2 hours of in-class Halloween activities with their teachers during the AFTERNOON session of that day. [Morning Kindergartens will, of course, have activities when they are in during the AM session. 

COSTUMES / DRESS: Children can bring costumes to school and will have time during lunch to get dressed.  They should NOT wear costumes to school (UNLESS they are in Kindergarten!).  IF desired, children can dress in orange and black and can come to school like that in the morning. 

ALLERGIES: There are many scent allergies in our school, as well as peanut allergies.  For both reasons, we are asking that children not bring in any type of hair spray or face make-up.  AS WELL, PLEASE remember that we are a PEANUT aware school - IF you are planning to send in any type of snack or treat, PLEASE remember that we have children with this allergy.

GIFT BAG / TREATS:  We appreciate all families’ kindness:  If you are thinking about sending treats for your children’s classrooms, PLEASE consider small school-appropriate items like Halloween pencils or, if you are thinking of food, a scary fruit tray is greatly appreciated! Lots of junk food to be had by ALL of our students Halloween night!